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Pulau Ketam is a great destination for a day trip from Kuala Lumpur – it is only a 45-minute drive from the city. Why not bring the family, some sunscreen and your camera, there is plenty to see and do on this island! The kids will love it.

35 minutes cruise journey to travel from a city to a peaceful, natural Chinese fisherman village. Escape from the bustling city life to experience a more serene ambiance found in a humble fisherman's village.

Why Choose us? Our boat are the biggest, newest and most comfortable among the transport services providers here...

Gentle Reminder: Please purchase the ticket from ALIBABA PULAU KETAM CRUISES sales counter at South Port Passenger Terminal or you may also purchase ferry ticket onboard.

Only RM12 per trip for adult or RM6 for children. Most affordable cruising experience in town!!! You gotta try it to believe it!!!






  • Fabulous Cruising Experience

    Fabulous Cruising Experience

    Our ferry equiped with indoor air-cond cabin and open-air viewing deck which allows passengers to enjoy sunshine and natural breeze as you cruise with us.

  • Stable and Safe Cruising Experience

    Stable and Safe Cruising Experience

    Our ferries design is recognized by the worldwide ship building standard.

  • Plan your Family Vacation with Us

    Plan your Family Vacation with Us

    Our ferry seating design focuses on comfort, and is friendly for kids and the elderly.

  • Affordable Cruising Experience

    Affordable Cruising Experience

    40 minutes cruising journey at only RM20 for return trip. 

  • Peek inside the Indoor Passenger Cabin

    Peek inside the Indoor Passenger Cabin

    Each ferry accommodates more than 100 passengers in the air-cond cabin.

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